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Phone: (775) 738-2677

W I L D L I F E   G U Z Z L E R S:

Patented, high-density, crosslinked-polyethylene, wildlife water catchment tank.

Features at a glance...
  • Able to store and collect water in freezing temperatures
  • Utilizes the best material available - Crosslinked polyethylene is strong, flexible, lightweight and UV retardant
  • Easy to transport - can be moved without an overload permit on a 16-foot flatbed truck or trailer. It's also light enough to be conveyed on a pickup or by helicopter in the field.
  • Visually non-intrusive - Catchment is low profile and available in several standard environmental colors. No painting required!
  • Superior Engineering
    • Drinker is integral to the tank. No float valves required.
    • Features a small animal ramp so pesky critters can escape
    • Seamless, one-piece construction on Flat Top guzzler eliminates leaks
    • Detachable cover on Dome Top is engineered to collect water - the cover of the catchment is of sufficient size to serve as the only collection surface required in higher precipitation zones (>20 inches per year). In lower precipitation zones, supplemental water collection surfaces can be easily added.
  • Total weight of the tank and cover is about 800 pounds.

The tank must be partially buried (up to the drinker lip if required) to achieve a maximum above ground level of 20 inches. If field conditions prevent burial, the ground adjacent to the drinker can also be ramped for fawn/kid/lamb access.

Catchments are available F.O.B. from Elko, NV. Call us today with any questions you may have! (775) 738-2677

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Dome Top w/drinker (Picture)
Flat Top (Picture)
Bird Guzzler (Picture)

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