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7861 East Idaho St.
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Phone: (775) 738-2677
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Phone: (775) 738-2677

P I P E   -   HDPE ,   W E L D I N G   /   P L O W I N G:

Here at Boss Tanks, we specialize in bringing water to remote locations, and in the West oftentimes that means pipe. We use high-quality HDPE pipe from WL Plastics. We have the tools, machines, and know-how to get your pipe in the ground quickly and correctly. Call us at (775) 738-2677.
We have pvc irrigation pipe "pip" ranging in size from 6" - 48" from Diamond Plastics!
You will also need fittings! Boss Tanks has you covered there too. We stock plumbing fittings for livestock / irrigation.

Pipe Plow

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