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Phone: (775) 738-2677
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Phone: (775) 738-2677

T A N K S   &   T R O U G H S:

Boss Tanks is proud to offer potable water and waste management tank systems from Polyprocessing.com, Norwesco.com and Ace Rotomold. These companies provide tough, UV resisitant polyethylene tanks ranging in size from 30 gallons to 14,950 gallons.
We also offer many water troughs to fit your individual needs. We have concrete livestock troughs (pictured below), Jug Waterers by Bakko Industries, bottomless troughs and what we call "safe troughs". We sell tire troughs ranging from 8' - 12' in diameter. We also have stationary fuel tanks from 137 gal. to 10,000 gal. as well as 50 gal. to 110 gal. transfer tanks.
We can custom order tanks for chemical storage, heat trace / insulation and potable storage.
Call us today for pricing at (775) 738-2677 and we'll help you select the perfect trough for your water needs.

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